Our Services

We are experts in wind turbine decommissioning, providing clients across the UK and Ireland with a hassle-free turnkey service for renewable material removal.

We take care of everything - from cutting, on-site operations and transport, right through to repurposing and recycling at scale.

Our focus is delivering a responsive, pragmatic, client-centred and cost effective service that sets high professional standards. 

Our 360 degree approach to material solutions maximises the circular potential of decommissioned material, while locking tonnes of carbon.

We also provide decommissioning consultancy and project management, drawing on our decades of experience in onshore wind. 

We got into this industry because we wanted to make a difference. That remains our driving purpose.

stored turbine blades

Turbine Decommissioning

From project management and on-site works, to cutting, handling and material disposal

wind turbine decommissioning

Material Solutions

A complete material solution for decommissioned wind turbines that maximises circular potential

ReBlade blade EV canopies

Blade Infrastructure

Innovative design and manufacture using circular material that locks in tonnes of carbon

turbine blade against blue sky

Decommissioning Consultancy

Consultancy and project management services to support decommissioning, repowering and consent