Turbine Decommissioning

We understand turbine blades inside out, upside down and all the way round

A Professional Service Every Step Of The Way

We are experts in decommissioning wind turbines, and can provide a complete project management and material solutions service. Our approach draws on our track record of working with utility scale owner operators on site development and repowering. It's also informed by our technical expertise in blade cutting and handling.

From project planning, on-site assessment and material downsizing; to off-site transportation, we fully manage the material cycle through to end destination. We apply a unique material management framework to decommissioned assets. It's an approach that maximises circular potential, locking in tonnes of carbon, while providing a pragmatic solution for the remainder.

Our clients benefit from a seamless service that ensures all their windfarm derived material is managed safely and efficiently, and in full compliance with legislation.

  • Project Specification
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statement
  • On-site Assessment & Downsizing
  • Technical Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Off-site Handling
  • Transport
  • Waste Management
  • Storage
  • Bespoke Design
  • Repurposing 

Professional Standards

We work to the highest of standards with detailed and comprehensive on-site documentation and handling processes, informed by 30+ years of working on windfarms across the UK and Europe. Our professional operating standards are supported by an integrated supply chain and a robust quality management system. All site staff are blade-aware experienced technicians who have undertaken blade decommissioning projects in the past.

Fiona Lindsay of ReBlade

Impact Driven

We are all about minimising environmental impact while maximising economic, engagement and media impacts. Our approach can build-in communication touchpoints, if required, at the project specification stage because we understand that it’s not just about what you do - how you communicate what you do is also important. Having worked on the developer side for many years, we have a thorough understanding of the need to integrate impact measures within our approach.