Key People

Fiona Lindsay, ReBlade
Fiona Lindsay

Fiona is fully media trained and is confident in on camera.  She is available for interview by arrangement and her areas of expertise include: 

  • Renewable energy in general and windfarm site design 
  • Women in STEM industries 
  • Sustainable and green business
  • Circular economy and sustainability in renewables 
  • Matters relating to ReBlade’s operational activities
Steven Lindsay, ReBlade
Steven Lindsay

Steven is experienced at speaking with member of the media. He is available for interview by arrangement and his areas of expertise include: 

  • Innovation in wind energy 
  • Windfarm economic impact and community benefits 
  • Localising supply chains in renewable energy 
  • Skills development and job creation in the wind industry 
  • Matter’s relating to ReBlade’s strategic activities